Our Story

We are a melbourne based manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high quality baking goods. Muffins, slices, cakes and savoury pastries are what we’re good at and what we love making most. Our customers can always rely on us to deliver and produce the best tasting products that never compromises on quality or consistency.


Our product, our service and our people are all put together with quality as the first priority. That is because we understand that when our stuff is at its best, so is our relationship with our customers and most importantly, the people who enjoy our produce mos.


Cutting corners, rushing production for volume, and other commonplace tactics
others in the industry use to cut costs is something we have never and will never consider. We understand that our customers need their products to be top notch, whenever, wherever and can rely on us every time.


We let our products speak for themselves, but that doesn't stop us from making sure our service quality is second to none. From our chefs, admin team, to our delivery people, our commitment to service quality means you enjoy smooth, hassle free service and allow you to focus on what matters most, and thats pleasing your customers.

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